The next generation Smart Phone based, secure, HIPAA compliant, structured messaging platform for Physicians and Nurses to collaborate effectively.

Best suited for Hospitals, Physician Practice Groups and Home Health organizations

  • mHealth technology for connected care between Hospitals, Physician Groups, SNFs, and Home Health, to address the upcoming healthcare continuum
  • Ineffective communication has been identified as the root cause for 66% of medical errors. Improved messaging, access, productivity results in better care outcomes
  • Physicians have ability to configure structured checklists for Nurses to mimic their train of thought to minimize back and forth messaging, improve efficiency and avoid errors
  • Nurses have the ability to create checklists for common workflows like admission, discharge etc to improve efficiency and minimize training

Structured Checklists

Physicians can configure checklists for Nurses to mimic their train of thoughts on bedside assessments while Nurses can configure templates for standard workflows.


HIPAA compliant, SaaS Service or customizable OEM implementation to integrate with existing healthcare IT infrastructure. Easy setup, minimal training and investment.

Informed Decisions

Caregivers have access to a history of Assessments (BAR) to help make informed decisions, which in turn leads to minimization of hospital readmissions.


TriageSTAT works on iOS, Android, Smartphones, tablets, laptop.


Real time HIPAA compliant texting, instant notifications, and archiving.

Shift Change

Seamless handover of patient history and care instructions